Short information

We who welcome you are the Board, the superintendent and the property attendant, as well as members and residents.
Presentation of value values ​​and important times and phone numbers you should know
Superintendent Ingela Olofsson
Superintendent office Burströmsvägen 30
Open day Monday-Thursday 08.00-14.00
                Fridays closed
Open evening tuesday 18.00-19.00
Phone 0920-677 76
Fax 0920-23 08 82

For use of the party room, accommodation room, hobby room, gym, tissue cabin, painting room and sauna contact vicevärden for more information.

Presentation of property managers:
Stefan Nordström Tel Mobile 070-657 44 80
Property managers can also be reached at tel 677 76
(meeting safest between 09:00 - 09:30 and 14:00 to 14:30).
During the working hours from 07:00 to 16:00 you can meet property managers in the area.

Grill on the balcony
It is forbidden to grill on the balcony with charcoal or briquettes due to the fire hazard. Please use the barbecue areas located in the area instead.

Fault reports
Daytime to the district office at tel. 0920-677 76.
After office hours directly to the answering machine with the same number. An error can also be made to a property manager after office hours as described above.

Unlocking of housing
Contact primarily the association's property manager.
If this is not available, please contact Securitas Security Company at tel 0920-21 13 20.

Acute damage in our homes and common premises.
Contact primarily the association's property manager. If this is not available, please contact Securitas. Guarding company at 0920-21 13 20.

On the website you will have access to the latest news in the fastest way. You also get access to a lot of information about the association as well as some useful links. Here you can also contact the board on questions and make mistakes that are not so urgent that they must be addressed immediately.

How we better influence the rent or fee as it's actually called.
Everything that we fix and fix helps keep costs down and everything we stumble with or destroy causes increased costs. We will all help with keeping in order and creating well-being here! Pay attention to your neighbor, engage in your accommodation, so there are good conditions for your accommodation to be really good.

Our balconies must be maintained. Ceiling and walls on the balcony should be painted white and the balcony railing linoljas. BrfGärdan supplies oil. The landlord is raining the railing. Tile must not be painted. For more information, please refer to the gross value.

Broadband and Internet Service Providers
Broadband is contained in all apartments.
Access to Internet
There are three ways to connect to the internet.
1. Join the property network.
2. Connect to Comhem via the antenna terminal.
3. Connect via adsl from the telephone jack.
Order form to access the property network. Click here. And print it.
It is a pdf file. And the order will be sent to the Vikervärdskontoret.

TV channels
Channels can be deleted or added. It is not the board that decides what to see. It is Comhem that makes the decisions, do you have any comments on the exchange of channels, contact Comhem 90222. Channel plan basic offer.
If wrong dial 90222.

Elements filter and window filter
You can wash the element filters if necessary. There are filters available at our local office.

The "festivals" neighbors
If you are having a party, it's good to inform the neighbors about having a party. You do this by placing a patch in the plastic pocket in the front door of the ports you feel concerned with your calf.

We have an agreement with the CASTOR management company in Sundsvall.
Förvaltnings AB Castor
Box 795, 851 22 SUNDSVALL

Garage is available for rent and since demand is high you usually get in line. The garage is for motor vehicles and should not be used for other purposes. To extend the life of the garage door we ask you to shoot snow in front of the garage door. Report your interest in garages at the value. Do not fill the garage with things because it is a fire hazard! Be sure to lock the garage door because others depend on it, to avoid theft and damage.
There are tot. 222 pcs. garages
Vicervärdskontoret tel. 0920-677 76
Notice period 9 months.
How to use your garage
Do not store flammable liquids or gasol.
On the floor, do not make a separator to your garage.
In the roof, do not put hooks or other devices.

Engine block heater
Motor heaters are available for rent and demand is high and you are usually left in line. Report your interest in engine heaters at the value values. BrfGärdan has interval current for the engine heaters. This means that the colder it is out, the longer intervals the engine heater goes.

Hire parking space
Motor heaters are available for rent and demand is high.
Vicervärdskontoret tel. 0920-677 76